I was born in Caracas, Venezuela into a home filled with passion for design, architecture and art. My father, an architect, and my mother, an interior designer, raised my sister and I with visits to Fallingwater, Musée d’Orsay, and El Prado. My childhood passions included ballet, painting and designing objects. This background led me to study architecture for three years while receiving a bachelor’s degree in Literature. It was during those influential years that my love of photography developed.

In 2004 I came to New York City to deepen my knowledge in photographic art and further my studies at the International Center of Photography. During that time I received an opportunity to shoot a space for an interior designer whom I had met at a fundraiser. At that first shoot, I quickly realized that most of my life experience had prepared me for this specific pursuit; it allowed me to connect with and capture the designer’s vision.

I love to photograph spaces, highlight their nature, personality and their interaction with each present element. I strive to transmit narratives through photographs rather than simply document a setting. My photographs capture my clients’ efforts to display the unique beauty of their space. My approach is to create a story for the designer out of each project and allow the viewer to feel as though they were in the space too.